Liz Donovan

Painting Sunlit Still Lifes in Watercolor

"For me, sunlight gives an otherwise inert still life its movment and energy. Observe objects arranged on a windowsill with windowpane-shaped rectangles of sunlight falling on them. Some of these things may move slightly, the flowers will wilt, leaves will turn toward the light, but the sunlight spills, splashes, leaps, and dances across your arrangement, filling it with life and energy."

Liz Donovan's watercolor still lifes are infused with the sparkle, color and movement of sunlight. The effects of light and shadow are, in fact, as interesting as the objects themselves!

Follow along with the step-by-step demonstrations in this book to learn her effective (and often surprisingly simple) techniques. You'll see how to capture the rich, sunlit textures and colors of a variety of popular still-life elements, including:

You'll also find advice on every aspect of painting still lifes--such as creating dramatic sunlit effects in your studio, setting up your arrangement, and designing a sparkling composition unified by light and shadow.

Four complete painting projects--with every step explained, from arrangement to final touches--show you how to use all the skills you've learned, to put toghether gorgeous still lifes alive with light.

Copyright © 1997-2009 Liz Donovan

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